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Meet Raechel



 Greetings! My name is Raechel, I am a Rhode Island Esthetician.


I was born and raised in a town outside Chicago before moving to Rhode Island. I finished High School and started my journey working for a small cruise line out of Warren, RI. I began learning more and more about different cultures and people and how to live in harmony with people I hardly knew.

I am an artist by heart with love for music and all other creative paths, I love to whittle and paint, and I enjoy incorporating creativity into my work. I am a mother of one beautiful boy who taught me patience and how to care for others.

I graduated with esthetics from Aveda Institute, which transferred to Comfort Zone, Devines’hairline’s sister for the skin. I was taught two methods to care for my skin and perform face-lifting techniques and massages. Working five years as an esthetician, I can say that I have evolved into a new artist, stepping out from working as a salon Host behind a desk to being a creative skin expert. Taking care of your skin isn’t just a luxury; it is a way of life and a way to look and feel at peace with yourself. As your esthetician, I like to focus on what products are right for you, teaching how and when to use them and what hand manipulations and fun tools like guasha stones to use. I enjoy meeting new people and helping them feel good in mind and spirit, my sessions are also about breathing in and out while I am directing you on how to actually relax your body.


I focus on Lymphatic Drainage, Hot Stones massage, and facials of different methods, including Aging, Acne, Relax, and Remove (Dual exfoliation using dry brushes and an exfoliant that best suits your skin.)  I offer eyelash extensions, waxing, eyebrow lamination and tint, eyelash lift, and tints using an all-natural brand using Henna for color. It is also meant and used for micro-shading; it gives you a semi-permanent under shade meant to fill in the gaps throughout your brow, giving the illusion of a full brow.  Derma-planing is one of my favorite treatments, I’m all about that exfoliation! Exfoliating and moisturizing are the keys to successful skincare, I recommend devoting a day to exfoliation and remembering to always moisturize after every shower; the hot steam will have opened your pores, allowing your products to penetrate. I started makeup artistry classes and can now offer special treatments before bridal makeup or looks for any special occasion.


I’m excited to be welcomed into the head spa at Salt of the Earth, allowing me to learn new treatments and meet new faces that I will hopefully have the pleasure of working with, see you soon! I love what I do and want to share my skills with others in need of relaxation and rejuvenation

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