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"The meaning of salt of the earth: a person or group of people of great kindness, reliability, or honesty. These folks are the salt of the earth."

Much like its definition - our studio is a creative space for a group of individuals who aim to cultivate and engage in empowerment and growth within ourselves and those around us. Honoring one's authentic career path while elevating the guest experience. 


A welcoming oasis, a safe place for guests to relax and unwind to where you can add a new variety of service offerings such as our unique holistic hair and scalp treatments to aid in optimal hair and scalp health. Indulge your guests with our luxury headspa service (for more info check out our headspa page).

We are an intimate studio that thrives on incentive-based commission. Our team works together to achieve goals and continuing education that supports personalized career paths to ensure a balanced and fulfilling life. 

We are looking for highly self-motivated individuals who aim to achieve this lifestyle and grow their business.

If you are interested in joining our family, please fill & apply below. 


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