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Services+ Pricing

At SOTE we salon a little differently.....

*Our service menu is priced based off of time it takes to achieve goals and the amount of product used (+PARTS).


Booking tip:

*New clients will first book under New client menu then Stylists will adjust and direct you with your customized  maintenance sessions.

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Color Consultation: Discover the path to reach your hair color goals & create a customized hair plan to get you there. From here, we can then set up an appointment for you to fit your personal needs.



Scalp Analysis: Healthy hair starts at the roots!

Using Oway's trichoanalizer, your stylist can get an in-depth view of your current scalp health and learn the best treatment plan for you. From here, we can then set up an appointment for you to fit your personal needs.  



15-25 minute service

Hair Design

All Haircuts include: Custom design haircut, nourishing steam mask and rinse, scalp massage and a wet/dry style.


Spa Haircut: 1.5 Hour + Parts- Starting at $85-135


90 Minute Haircut: Starting at $60-135+

60 Minute Haircut: Standard haircut session

Starting at $55-90+

45 Minute haircut: Ideal time needed for barbering type services

Starting at $30-$65.

30 Minute Express Cut: No wash/Blow-Dry, Split end removal only

Starting at $20-45.+

This Eco- Luxury service includes it all to your haircut!!  Rejuvenating and balancing clay scalp mask paired with a Phyto protein hair mask. Enjoy a relaxing hand and scalp massage under the steamer while your eyes are nurtured by our anti- aging eye mask that soothes and hydrates-tired eyes.

Custom color


All color services include a shine/color gloss + style

1.5- 2 hour service 



MAINTAIN COLOR & STYLE: Traditional root touch up and a color refresh/shine gloss through the ends, and a finishing dry/wet style.

Starting at $ 85+/$135+parts

TONE & TREAT: A maintenance visit to refresh your gloss (toner) to your desired tone and a nourishing deep conditioning treatment to keep hair healthy and strong in between coloring visits. Includes a dry/wet style

Starting at $ 85+/$135+parts

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Foiling/Balyage/foilyage: services include Toner, Bond protector, haircut & style.

2.5 Hour Session: Book this if you are looking to add brightness/ dimension. Creating soft, and subtle face framing or partial foil/hand painting placement around the headshape. Includes a shine / color gloss (toner), bonder to protect the hair during lighting process, and a Haircut & style. *If your hair is below shoulder blades / thicker density please also book ADDIONAL COLOR TIME. *Price may vary dependent on service and product used.



Starting at $140+/$225+parts

3 Hour Session: Add brightness and depth with a partial or full foil/hand painting. Includes a shine / color gloss (toner), bonder, Customized haircut with a conditioning steam treatment and a finishing style. *Price may vary dependent on service timing and amount of product used. * If your hair is below shoulder blades / thicker density please also book ADDITIONAL COLOR TIME.



Starting at $165+/$270+parts

4 Hour Session: This is for a guest who wants to be lighter all around, from black to blonde or grown-out balayage with blonde ends. * Price will vary depending on amount of product used and time during service. *If your hair is thicker in density or below shoulder blades please add on *ADDITONAL COLOR TIME



Starting at $220+/$360+parts

Scalp care & Headspa


Customized Oway Scalp Care                      

(Oily, Dry or Irritated scalp treatment)

The Headspa                                               

Add on blowdry to headspa                                                 $35

*All scalp care & Headspa services can not be performed with any color services. 


$55-135+ parts


Extra Love

Add on a little extra love and pampering to your service:

Rebonding Mask: Restores and repairs compromised hair.Innovative blend of 12 biomimetic amino acids and organic elements re-link the bonds of the hair and preserve the hair's delicate keratin structure from chemical damage during services.    



Hydro-Dhara: Unwind and relax while Oways anti-aging and shine enhancing elixir releases your stress as is flows gentle pressure on your hair and scalp.Treatment includes a nourishing stream mask.          



O&M shots: Add Mega Volume and Shine to your finished style!


Soothing & Rebuilding Treatments



Hair Rebuilding Treatment

Help repair distressed hair with a rebuilding treatment. For both long and short hair.


Starting at $180

Service pricing may vary depending on additional time or product needed based on hair length and density.