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Color Consultation: Discover the path to reach your hair color goals & create a customized hair plan to get you there. From here, we can then set up an appointment for you to fit your personal needs.



Scalp Analysis: Healthy hair starts at the roots!

Using Oway's trichoanalizer, your stylist can get an in-depth view of your current scalp health and learn the best treatment plan for you. From here, we can then set up an appointment for you to fit your personal needs.  


15-25 minute service

Hair Design

Haircut: Custom designed haircut with complimentary shampoo, scalp massage, and dry/wet style.

Starting at $55/$65 +


Curly Haircut: Custom design haircut specifically for curly hair, complimentary shampoo with a steam rinse.

Starting at $70/$80 +


Child (under age 10) Please call salon to make appointment.


Junior Haircuts (ages 10-14)

(Offered with Racquel  and Hollyann only)

Starting at $45+

1 hour + 15 minutes service

Custom color


All color services include a shine/color gloss + style

1-2 hour service



      Semi Permanent Glaze


      Root Touch Up + End Refresh                      

      Base Color Change 


Starting at $126+

Starting at $116 +

Starting at $116 +

Starting at $188 +

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Starting at $145 +

Starting at $170 +

Starting at $185 +



Foiling services include Toner, Bond protector + style. 

Face Frame Foil 

1.5 - 2 hour service                              

Partial Foil 

2.5 -3 hour service                             


Full Foil 

3.5 -4 hours service                           

                                ADD on a Root touch up         $71. +       



Starting at $135 +

Starting at $185 +

Starting at $215 +


All Balayage service include toner + bond protector + style


Face Frame Balayage

1.5-2 hour service                                   

Partial Balayage

2.5-3 hour service                                   

Full Balayage             

3.5-4 hour service          


                              ADD Root touch up $71. +                           

Extra Love











Nourishing Hair Mask                    

Add onto service                                


Micro-Mist Steam Mask                          

Add onto service                                

Luxury Rebonding Treatment                           

Add onto service                                 


 All SCALP CARE ADD ON'S are for haircut services only.



Add on Scalp Detox Scrub                   

Add on Scalp Care                                

(For oily, dry or irritated scalps)

Soothing & Rebuilding Treatments



Hair Rebuilding Treatment

Short Hair

Long Hair


Organic Smoothing Treatment


Service pricing may vary depending on additional time or product needed based on hair length and density.

$90 +

$112 +

$135 +

Scalp care & Headspa


Customized Oway Scalp Care                      

(Oily, Dry or Irritated scalp treatment)

The Headspa                                               

*All scalp care & Headspa services can not be performed with any color services.