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Meet Erica

Stylist & Energy Practitioner
They/ Them
$80 per hour

Howdy, my name is Erica Clavin and I love blending ancient wisdom into modern beauty routines. 


I’ve been an earth-conscious & LGBTQIA+ friendly cosmetologist from the start of my career in 2010. I believe that truly sustainable beauty is the product of a balanced routine that nourishes your inner & outer world. I can help you efficiently embrace your authenticity, while being kind to the environment.


Natural beauty is my specialty. This means that I help you find a personal style based on your given features, so that you have more room in your day for the people, places, or activities that illuminate your soul. I offer scalp care, hair restoration, low-effort hairstyles, and energetic services. *I am not taking new hair color requests.


Please enjoy a Tarot or Reiki service from my specials menu to soothe your scalp, mind & spirit all in one visit. Click the button saying “Special Menu” below to find out which offering is best for you.

Tending to your mindset, body & spirit helps you radiate confidence from within.

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