Image by Carolyn V

The Head Spa

Experience our elevated signature service!

This luxurious spa treatment is a wellness experience that uses natural, biodynamic plant based and mineral ingredients to purify, nourish, detoxify and give energy to the scalp and hair.

Indulge your senses and relax in our private head spa room where your comfort is our top priority. We invite you to lounge in our state of the art reclining chair paired with a shampoo basin fitted with a head pillow to give you the ultimate support. Enjoy the calming ambience with peaceful music, carefully selected essential oil diffusers to promote tranquility, and soft, comforting lighting.


Service Includes:

  • A specialized scalp analysis using a trico-microscope

  • Micro-mist deep conditioning treatment

  • Relaxing essential oil journey to soothe all your senses

  • Micro-mist deep conditioning treatment

  • Hot oil scalp treatment with scalp massage that focuses on crucial pressure points

  • Custom blended detox cleanser

  • Micro-mist steam to help remove impurities and open the hair cuticle to deliver hydration

  • Hand massage (optional)

  • Complimentary take home products with education to keep your scalp health optimal

  • Confidence boosting blow-dry