Organic Scalp Treatments

Healthy hair starts at the roots!


Botanical Spa Detox

This luxurious spa treatment is sure to cleanse the scalp and hair of any impurities both natural and artificial. Treatment includes:

  • Scalp analysis using a tricho-microscope

  • Specialty scalp hair bath with scalp massage

  • Custom blended scalp detox cleanser

  • Entry level conditioning treatment 

  • Micro- mist steam machine to help remove impurities and really open up hair cuticle to deliver hydration.

  • Hand massage (optional)

  • Blow-dry.

Botanical Detox 

*for add on service only

This luxurious scalp detox treatment removes both natural and artificial impurities for the client on the go. This treatment includes:

  • Scalp hair bath massage

  • Customized scalp detox cleanser

 Add on an entry level conditioning mask for ($10)


This botanical treatment is

perfect for sensitive irritated skin. Helps sooth, repair, and heal.

 Naturally controls irritation to soothe and moisten the most sensitive scalps.

*Multiple sessions may be required to achieve optimal hair health 


This botanical treatment is perfect for someone who has excess oily scalp. Eliminates toxins and helps normalize skin function.

*Multiple sessions may be required to achieve optimal hair health 


This botanical treatment helps to purify and eliminate both dry and oily dandruff.

Relieves itching and rejuvenates skin prone to scaling.

Promotes a refreshing anti-irritant and antimicrobial action.

*Multiple sessions may be required to achieve optimal hair health 

Botanical Hair repair

Frizzy? dry or Brittle hair? this is for you.

Phytoprotein treatment repairs and restores body and texture to damaged and weakened hair. A rebuilding treatment that acts on all the needs of damaged hair, offering eight benefits:


*Great for all hair types that use heat styling, color treated, and stressed out hair. Curly girls this is a great treatment to help tame those curls.

Organic Smoothing Treatment

Simply Organic Smoothing Keratin Treatment smooths and shines frizzy, difficult hair. Formulated with Amino Acids and Olive Oil, it strengthens hair to protect against breakage and infuses the hair structure with Keratin, restoring hair to its healthy state. * great for all hair types. 

our goal is to achieve optimal scalp & hair health. our organic treatments are designed to help alleviate a range of imbalances created by natural or artificial elements.


please schedule

a scalp analysis consultation 


Depending on the severity of scalp or hair condition your stylist may recommend a 3-5 week treatment plan. Packages are available for each scalp and hair treatment.

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