Meet  Justine

STYLIST / herbalist

Justine image.jpg

My career as a stylist began on Newbury St. in Boston in 2006 where I acquired foundational training from the Vidal Sassoon method. I specialize in precision hair cuts & creating natural & individualized color & styles. I am inspired by natural beauty & always prioritize the health & integrity of my clients hair. I use plant based, non-toxic products. Salt of the Earth Hair Studio is a unique and progressive creative space, ideal for me as both an artist and healer and I am so grateful to work in an environment where health, self care and beauty are integrated.  


I have always been filled with a great reverence for nature. In 2011 I took time off from doing hair to travel with the goal to be more connected with nature & self sufficient. I volunteered & worked on a variety of farms and have since acquired four different certificates in herbalism qualifying me to practice clinically in advising the public on how to use plants for healing purposes. Currently, I offer herbal consultations where I educate people on how to use herbs to support their health goals.

*Does not offer junior haircuts